Virtual Field Trips and Artist Residency


Free access may be available to students from Title 1 schools and programs. Please click here to contact our Education team.


If purchasing access for under 100 students, please use the individual access options under your chosen tour(s). School access is recommended for 1-4 schools. District access is recommended for 5+ schools.

Virtual Musical Menagerie Tour - Grades K-2

This video collection is designed for students in grades K-2 and introduces concepts of animal imagery and symbolism through instruments and objects.

Virtual Discovery Tour - Grades 3-12

This video collection is designed for students in grades 3-12 and explores community music making and various musical journeys - demonstrating that when people move throughout the world, their instruments and music move with them.

Virtual Artist Residency - Grades K-12

Follow along with rapper and former middle school teacher Raheem Jarbo (a.k.a. Mega Ran) during a high-energy performance in the MIM Music Theater and learn more about the elements of hip hop and its history.

Virtual STEM Tour - Grades K-8

This field trip video collection is designed for students in grades K–8 and provides a dynamic, STEM-based learning experience for students to discover how musical instruments are made and how they work.

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